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The most advanced methods in the treatment of hernia and diastasis recti

Dr. Darecchio has the largest experience in Italy in abdominal wall robotic surgery with the highest number of patients operated.

He is director of the three InternationalHerniaCare robotic surgery teams operating in the centers of Milan, Monte Carlo and Rome.

International consultant to major hospital institutions for the robotic reconstruction of the abdominal wall.

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By avoiding the extensive scars of the abdominoplasty, it is possible to reconstruct the white line by removing the diastasis with the best aesthetic result.


The use of robotic surgery has improved and revolutionized the clinical post-op

The precision of robotic surgery
We operate in the private healthcare sector, which is the only one currently
guaranteeing the robotic technology
we use for these types of interventions.


Interview on Io Donna Magazine

Private jet service
Columbus clinic in Milan, where Dr. Darecchio works, dispose of the Avionord private jet fleet. The transport service for European, Russian and Middle Eastern patients ensures a direct trip to the clinic in maximum luxury and total privacy.

Dr. Antonio Darecchio

General surgeon and laparoscopist, he is a member of the European Hernia Society EHS.
Specialist in general and hyper-specialized robotic surgery.
Currently, with the highest case-studies and experience in the field in Italy, he manages the InternationalHerniaCare team.

He devoted himself to the study and improvement of minimally invasive and robotic abdominal wall surgery in collaboration with major European and Swiss centers. He is an active university scientific researcher and a pioneer in this field, and boasts numerous publications and international awards.

The Team

The teams directed by Dr. Darecchio are composed of high profile resident nurses, anesthetists and surgeons, specifically trained for the particular needs of this type of surgery.


Nursing manager, public relations, organization of events.

Reference clinics and secretary’s office

BEAUSOLEIL – Monte Carlo
PIO XI – Roma

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